Monday, February 23, 2009

February 21, 2009

The babies were taking a nap, so I decided to throw a jelly bean into Frankie’s mouth. The beans had to make it over a distance of roughly two feet…maybe less after my step forward during the throw. My 19th throw landed in his shirt pocket. The 26th shot made it!

Frankie and I got into a slap fest today. It was awesome. It reminded me of when we were dating/first married and I would wait until he wasn’t paying attention and try to throw myself off the couch/bed and he’d have to catch and save me. Ah, young love.

Euphie just learned a new trick! She has been able to open some doors for a long while, but the trick of the bedroom doorknobs has always eluded her…until now. Oh the pride… Wait, is it pride or boredom when you have to sit outside a door for an hour to keep it shut?

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