Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Marchish 1

My relationship with Sleep Frankie has always bugged Frankie. I guess it’s like how you always wonder what it would be like to meet yourself in a parallel universe and the parallel you experiences stuff and it’s you who is experiencing stuff but it isn’t the you you. Like when the Doctor has to watch Bluesuit kissing Rose and he’s not the one experiencing it so it sucks but you can’t fault either of them ‘cause Bluesuit is almost the Doctor, too. Well, “almost” is kinda stretching it. He’s so not the Doctor at all. Anyway, Frankie has kinda gotten to feel what that’s like as I’ve told him various Sleep Frankie stories over the years. I’m kinda jealous that I don’t know other Kiri. I don’t even know if there is a Sleep Kiri because Frankie is incapable of not turning into Sleep Frankie when Sleep Frankie wants to come out, and Sleep Frankie won’t tell me whether or not Sleep Kiri exists. I doubt they know each other though because although Sleep Frankie is pretty witty with the responses, he rarely initiates the conversations and if there is a Sleep Kiri, I don’t know that she would initiate one either.

Here is a case in point of Sleep Frankie being the dominant personality that happened this month.

Frankie and I were having an argument and it was late. He knows I get mad if he falls asleep during the middle of an argument, but he was tired so the impending presence of Sleep Frankie was a possibility I expected and Frankie feared. The argument was a nearing a resolution so I was starting to be funny with my comments and Frankie was starting to become less fearful of falling asleep. Frankie was cold so he pulled more than his fair share of the blankets away from me. I say, jokingly, “Oh, so you’ll steal my warmth as you stab me in the heart?”

“I don’t want to stab you. Oh, although I did bring a knife.”A decently long pause.”Oh SHOOT! You’re not talking to Sleep Frankie!”

Wanting to get it word for word, I say, “Oh, I gotta remember this. How did we start on this train of thought?”

“Well, I called you by your Japanese name.”

“Wait, wait. Get me a pen and paper. Do you know where a pen is?”

“Yeah! I put spearmints in the love boat.”

I start laughing as I write and Frankie keeps asking what I’m writing. “Ewan McGregor? Does that have something to do with it?” So then Frankie wakes back up as Frankie and wonders what he has been saying about Ewan McGregor ‘cause he’s certain he’s been talking about Ewan McGregor because Ewan McGregor is awesome and apparently that’s all Frankie can remember thinking about while Sleep Frankie was talking to me. And then he just decides to start talking about Ewan McGregor as actual Frankie.

I wanted to test their relationship by trying to have Sleep Frankie hide something for me to see if Frankie knew where and what it was the following morning. The problem was Sleep Frankie refused to betray Frankie and would always tell me no. The only way to get Sleep Frankie to agree to it was to first tell Frankie I was doing it and then to convince Frankie to go along with it. Only after Frankie’s awake permission did Sleep Frankie then hide something for me. Well, he tossed it under the bed after seeing what it was. The following day, Frankie didn’t believe when I told him he had hid something. It was at the point at which he finally believed that he did hide something that he also remembered it was under the bed. The interesting part, I think, is that he had no idea what the object was, but he did remember what it felt like in his hand. Oh, and for the record, Sleep Frankie does keep his eyes open, Frankie described the object as hard and round, and the object was Dwight’s Bobble head’s head—Dwight didn’t make it in one piece when we moved.

Note: The March posts seem somewhat parallel universe heavy, but I’ll have you know—I’m a liar. The Sleep Frankie response was really back in the last couple days of February and not in March at all. I was just too lazy to put it up—yeah, I’d even typed it up then. And the car thing was just a couple days ago so really there was a month when I didn’t think about parallel universes at all. I’m just too lazy to post things…so don’t get all worried thinking I think about parallel universes more than the average person—it’s really just monthly.


Glen and Chelsea said...

once again I laughed outloud several times while reading your posts. And I did read all three of them. I miss hanging out. You should move down here. ;)

Kiri said...

Thanks, Chelsea. Frankie doesn't even read everything I write if it is beyond a couple of sentences at a time. And anyway, you just need to build your house up here...