Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Marchish 2

Adelaide gives kisses now. Well, she gives them to some people like Poppy and Grammy and Aunt Katie--and then she claps and claps for herself. For Mommy and Daddy she still just thinks it is funnier to pretend like she is going to and then turn away at the end--and then she laughs and laughs at us. The other good thing is that Adelaide’s new found capacity for expressing love has melted Euphie’s cold rarely-kiss-giving heart because, miraculously, Euphie will go around trying to give kisses now whenever Adelaide does.

Adelaide is essentially off of formula and bottles now. She has had a lifetime of practice stealing Euphie’s cups and drinking milk out of those, so she has made an easy transition. I’m pretty excited about it, though. Not having to pay the cost of formula will be nice, but more importantly—all of those old bottles that hide in corners or under couches or beds that have rotten old nasty stuff inside that you can’t open to clean unless you want to puke, so you just need to throw out but feel guilty about throwing out because they’re bottles and you have no money so you really should just clean them but you can’t bring yourself to, so you just move them to high shelves somewhere where no one can breathe in the toxic crap they’re releasing and pretend you don’t know they’re there—those can all finally be tossed.

After having to vacuum daily, I finally abandoned my method of snack dispension—the easel (or sometimes Cozy Coupe II trunk) trough. It worked so nicely for Euphie and Addie to have such easy access when they wanted a quick bite, but they got to the point where they just played with the food a little bit too much. After having gotten rid of it, I came to the realization that they throw their food all around no matter what, so the trough is back.

I was cleaning out the room and reorganizing our drawers so our clothes would fit so I could actually put some laundry away. I found a pizza box from probably two months ago in one of the drawers. The box was empty so it’s not like it was that gross. And I mean…it wasn’t that weird either. I remember putting it in there and all, but still.

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